Drone Aerial Photography Somerset

Drone photography in Somerset has become increasingly popular recently due to the beautiful views and historical landmarks the county has to offer. The use of aerial photography in surveying, policy planning and leisure has increased within the past few years too. Whether you want to document the stunning Somerset scenery for personal use or film breath taking views for broadcasting – Our aerial photography services in Somerset could just be right for you.

Being CAA approved means that you can be assured that your drone pictures and footage will be of the highest quality. We have invested greatly into our drones so that they can carry nearly any camera with ease. The setup of our equipment only takes 15 minutes, and can ascend to hundreds of feet off the ground to capture the perfect shot.

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What we do

Every project is different and we look forward to creating stunning aerial images for your project. With a HD link from our drone to the handset, you will have the ability to see the photo before it is taken. If you are interested in our drone photography services in Somerset and would like to find out some more information, then please contact us today.

Not only can our drones be used for events but they can also aid in house sales and property surveying. Aerial photography in Somerset can show you a bird’s eye view of an estate. This helps when you are trying to show off the amazing views Somerset has to offer and the size of the land the house sits on. We can provide stills or film footage of the house, indoors and outdoors.


Contact us

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We advise on the best Practice of UAV equipment to organisations within the UK, all of our pilots are members of ARPAS which is the Governing body of the Drone Industry and of course CAA approved.


We approach each shoot from a creative point of view. we have worked hard and built up a wealth of experience and know how to get the best out of a shoot and location.


We are passionate about creativity in all its forms which compels us to create the best possible quality. Using aerial cameras takes it to a whole new level!


We are transparent in everything we do, what you see is what you get, no hidden charges or surprises.



Our equipment is amongst some of the Best UAV technology available, our aerial platforms provide reliable and robust solutions to enable the capture of the very best aerial photography using state of the art camera system’s and gimbals to provide rock steady images.

We have the experience to be able to deliver the shots that our clients have grown to expect from us and nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing the smiles on our clients face when we deliver our images and exceed expectations.

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