Aerial Filming

Over the last few year’s its become much easier to obtain footage using drones. We provide highly skilled Pilots & Camera operators to seamlessly become part of your crew using the latest drone technology and cameras.

We provide ultra-smooth high definition footage obtained through using the latest 3 axis gimbals mounted onto our fleet of drones, we can obtain incredibly smooth shots even in strong wind.

The use of drones is much more cost effective in producing aerial cinematography than using other methods.

All of our drones have a live downlink to the ground allowing the director to have a live image of what the camera is seeing enabling the operator to get the exact footage that is required.

We can even stream live footage to the internet or from an outside broadcast if required.

Being licensed by the CAA it may be necessary to obtain special permissions occasionally, we will arrange all this in advance if required.

We find that our clients are blown away by the filming that we achieve, the creative possibilities of aerial filming with the drone being able to move in any direction from the ground up to a maximum height of 400 feet.

Previously the shooting angles we are able to obtain were only available to large budget productions but now we can bring these aerial photography and filming services to clients at a fraction of the cost.

We always insure that we get the most dramatic and exciting footage possible and pride ourselves on achieving this for our clients.

we enjoy a challenge

Our packages are completely bespoke and we can work with complete freedom to create stunning aerial cinematography. We enjoy a challenge and nothing gives us more pleasure than turning what was previously thought impossible into a reality for our clients.