Land & Site Topographical Surveys

We are a leading CAA approved operator providing cost effective Surveying solutions to the building industry, We provide fast & accurate surveys to provide a quicker turn around of Data and thus reducing cost to our clients.

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Our aircraft and camera systems provide a new dimension in the Surveying industry allowing for industry standards of accuracy to be obtained in a fraction of the  time to using conventional surveying methods.

We can provide a full range of different types of survey  depending on what our clients require and can provide the Data for complex drawings of Contour, Elevation & Volume surveys all at accuracy levels to meet the needs of our clients.

We can export the Data to be used Survey drawings and can be supplied in various 2D and 3D CAD formats  to be used with all of the popular design software such as auto-cad,

We can also provide stunning digital  3D models of the site or buildings that can show the project in connection with the surrounding land & countryside to give a clear understanding of how things will look in relation to the local area.

Contour & Elevation Drawings


We provide accurate contour surveys for architects and planners of our clients to enable the progression of accurate drawings at the planning stage of the proposed site, this will lead to an accurate costing of the project and to help eliminate any unforeseen surprises as the project develops.

Volumetric & Stockpile surveys


We can provide Volumetric surveys  which are highly accurate to be able to ascertain the calculated stockpile volumes, this is a very useful resource when needed for example in the extraction of earth for a major development to calculate the cost of removing the soil of the earth works involved and leading to an accurate cost.  

A Volume survey is a variation to traditional topographical surveys where particular attention is paid to levels and boundaries.

This technology is proving its self invaluable to the open mining industry as our aircraft once they have obtained the data can download this information directly to our clients to allow a real time and instant  & accurate calculation.

We can provide our clients with  detailed drawings with tabulated volumes to meet your  requirements.


DJI Inspire Pro

This is a very reliable aircraft and is a firm favourite of ours for its ability to fly in higher winds and capture vast amounts of land in a short time span, we can fit lots of different cameras to meet the needs and requirements of our clients with this ranging from Flir Thermal cameras to near infrared for  the precision agriculture market.

phan 1

DJI Phantom 3 Pro

We have a whole fleet of these and despite its looks this is a very reliable and capable aircraft giving long battery times as well as the ability to travel at speeds of up to 36 MPH. We use these for our 3D modelling and also for large scale Surveys where we can use multiple aircraft to gather the Data even quicker for our clients.

  • 3D Point Cloud – Laser scanner quality 3D points from a consumer-grade camera. Clean from moving objects, with limited occlusions, and low acquisition time.
  • Textured Model – Full 3D triangle mesh models with photorealistic texturing, perfect for sharing and online visualization.
  • True Orthomosaic – High resolution aerial maps with correct perspective, putting you in control of geographic data generation.
  • NDVI Map – Vegetation index maps from multispectral cameras provide vital information on plants health for quick response, better yield and operational efficiency.

pix4dWe have teamed up with a company called Pix4D who produce amazing software which enables us to use the technology and special cameras that our Drones can carry to accurately measure land or buildings which we can then transform into accurate 3D models to be used with leading design software such as Autocad.This technology can be used in a whole host of ways and is starting to transform the surveying industry, we can accurately measure distance or volume using this technology.


Show property in 3D on the web, using Pix4D software to convert your drone imagery into realistic 3D mesh models

Navigate through your model, observing property and surroundings in detail from an aerial perspective. Create customized fly-through videos to share with clients or advertise your business.

aerial survey

Large scale mapping and modelling has never been so accessible.

Pix4D software converts large-frame images from metric cameras and camera rigs into orthomosaics and 3D models; find a new outlook on traditional photogrammetry for surveying, city modelling, large-scale mapping, urban planning, cadaster and more.


Capture spatially and radiometrically accurate data for environmental monitoring,

Using Pix4D’s georeferenced orthomosaics, digital elevation models, and index maps. View and monitor key resources, species, geology, habitats and more for environmental and GIS applications.


Capture information not visible to the naked eye, using Pix4Dmapper and a multispectral camera.

Images are converted into accurate index maps, like NDVI, and orthomosaics of your fields: giving you vital information for quick response, better yields and operational efficiency.



At Airborne Visuals we are a team of CAA approved professional Drone (UAV) pilots and camera operators who have a passion for aerial photography, filming and surveying. We love coming to work and enjoy bringing the visual dreams of our clients to reality.

Its been an exciting time over the last couple of years and we have been lucky enough  to of worked for some amazing clients and equally on some fantastic projects taking us all over the UK and beyond.

Click on any of the square images below to see a selection of some of the projects we have been involved with providing a range of services to our clients

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Have a look at our latest Showreel from some of the projects and locations over the last 12 Months.


Contact us

Please use the form below or phone us on 01980 621777
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What we do

Our Services to our clients range from obtaining straight forward High resolution still images to providing high end 6K aerial platforms for  the very best aerial imagery or film.

We also carry out a lot of aerial surveys of elevated structures as well as Stockpile volume surveys often with data turn around times of under 24 hours.

Our aim is to provide an aerial solution to match the requirements of our clients utilising  the latest in UAV technology  and to exceed their expectations with not only the finished product but also with a first class bespoke level of customer service tailored to each project.


We advise on the best Practice of UAV equipment to organisations within the UK, all of our pilots are members of ARPAS which is the Governing body of the Drone Industry and of course CAA approved.


We approach each shoot from a creative point of view. we have worked hard and built up a wealth of experience and know how to get the best out of a shoot and location.


We are passionate about creativity in all its forms which compels us to create the best possible quality. Using aerial cameras takes it to a whole new level!


We are transparent in everything we do, what you see is what you get, no hidden charges or surprises.



We Pride ourselves on having some of the latest UAV’s currently available ranging from Smaller Drones that we use for Surveying to High end Drones capable of providing the very best In Aerial Photography and film and would be at home on set filming a  Blockbuster Movie.

Our fleet and range of equipment has been carefully brought together to enable us to be able to provide for every budget and to match our technical expertise in providing the right equipment to match the need of any project.

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