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We are a leading CAA approved aerial imaging specialist with a wealth of experience amongst our team and pride ourselves on providing the best possible aerial photography services available using this new technology, our routes started with providing aerial Photography of buildings and landscapes but we soon realised that this technology is incredibly beneficial  for many other industries  and roofing inspections being an obvious choice as our solutions are both more cost effective and also safer than using traditional methods of obtaining the images by putting people at risk from working at height.

Prices starting from 


for two hours on site and live feed to the ground plus all images 

Our cameras are able to capture Ultra High definition images to quickly allow for the accurate evaluation of roof condition and will allow informed decisions into costings and strategies for the repair of the roof or structure.

Our UAV’s can access places that would be inherently dangerous or even impossible with  using scaffolding or cherry pickers and can eliminate the risk of putting people at risk from such environments, In this day and age of health and safety our equipment is proving to be invaluable in the results that we can achieve.

By using our UAV’s there will be no disruption to the work flow and you can even carry on with the roofing project whilst we concentrate on other areas of the roof. 

We can provide a live down link to broadcast the images that are being seen by our cameras directly to you-tube to allow for the remote  viewing of the images by a client who is not actually at the location, we often find that by being able to  provide a live image to the ground base station is often enough and allows our clients to be able to see directly the area that is of concern.



Some of our clients


Our equipment

s1000 1

DJI S1000

This is our heavy lift drone capable of carrying the large cameras that are sometimes required by our clients, very stable in higher winds and a work horse for high end filming.


DJI Inspire pro black

This is our favourite as its fast, nimble and very agile and can carry a whole host of different cameras and gimbals.

This is currently the Ferrari of the Drone world and is becoming a favourite of pro film makers around the world as it can be out of its case and flying in only a few minutes.

Dji have recently added a whole new range of cameras for this aircraft with the top of the range RAW camera capturing 4k UHD images at stupidly high bitrates (2.4 Gbps) never seen before for a camera of its size and specifically made for use on a Drone.

phan 1

DJI Phantom 3 pro

This is our smallest Drone and despite its looks it’s still capable of capturing 4K UHD images and 12 megapixels still photos.

We bought a whole fleet of these to use mainly in our surveying Contracts as these aircraft are fast and nimble and due to their weight they are able to stay in the air for up to 25 minutes on one battery covering a huge chunk of land flying at speeds of up to 36 MPH.

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