precision agriculture

If precision technology has driven the farming revolution of recent years, monitoring crops from the sky will drive the next.

With a Drone or UAV, you can capture highly accurate images of your fields, covering up to hundreds of hectares/acres in a single flight. Without the cost and hassle of manned services. At a far greater resolution than satellite imagery provides, even when there is cloud cover.

By using image processing software, you can then transform these shots into one large ‘orthomosaic’ image. Apply algorithms like Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to this image and you create a reflectance map of your crop.

This map is the key to boosting yields, cutting costs, and driving your business forwards. It highlights exactly which areas of crop need closer examination – meaning less time spent scouting, and more time treating the plants that need it.

  • Index variations
  • Patterns in canopy height, vigour, colour, density
  • Developing erosion channels
  • Damage observations
  • Plant statistical variations & comparisons to other data (e.g. planter data)
  • Patterns in dry soil vs. wet soil
  • Determine relative location of drainage tile & whether functioning/broken

Save Time & Money

Using the technology and specialist  cameras fitted to our fleet of drones will give you instant accurate data  instead of out of date satellite imagery, we can survey your crop and provide detailed data reports to be used in conjunction with variable rate sprayers to reduce the cost of  applying the application to the areas that need it  most leading to cost savings.