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Aerial Photography in Dorset has been increasing in popularity as of late, partly thanks to the increase in recreational drone users and partly thanks to the unique perspectives and stunning views drones are able to capture. Dorset is the perfect location for Drone Photography thanks to its stunning scenery and beautiful landscapes which make for the perfect backdrop for your aerial imagery.
Our Drone Photography Services in Dorset are tailored to our clients requirements, and with packages to suit just about any budget, we can accommodate almost all projects. Whether you’re looking for a few snaps to market your property, or perhaps you are after a full scale production service, we can accommodate just about any project and budget. Enquire today to find out more about our Aerial & Drone Photography Services in Dorset.


Our drones can operate from a few feet above the ground up to hundreds of feet in the air, so whatever your requirements, our Aerial Photography Services in Dorset are sure to be right for you. With a live HD down link between the drone and operator, you are able to see exactly what the drone can, allowing you to arrange the perfect shots mid-flight.
If you would like to find out some more information regarding Drone Photography in Dorset or to enquire about pricing for our Aerial Photography Services in Dorset then please get in touch today. You can get in touch with us by using our contact form, or alternatively if you would prefer to discuss our Aerial Photography Services in Dorset over the telephone, then please do so on: 07850 650719, and a member of the team will be happy to assist you.

s1000 1

DJI S1000

This is our heavy lift drone to carry a multitude of different types of camera equipment, Very stable in high winds and a true work horse of our fleet.


DJI Inspire pro

This is a firm favourite of film makers and photographers around the world as it is a very reliable aerial platform and also fast and agile, we use this on 80 percent of our Gigs and when combined with the latest in camera technology we can capture lossless RAW images at a clarity never before seen from a Drone, Truly amazing !!! 

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DJI Phantom 3 pro

Despite its looks this is still a very capable aircraft as it can capture UHD images and 16 mega pixel still photographs, we have a whole load of these and we use them mainly on the surveying contracts for our clients as they can fly at speeds of up to 36 MPH and stay in the air for 25 minutes on one battery covering vast areas of land.

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